Kommentariat Comments of the Week for Rocktober 8-14, 2014

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Certificate Of Merit Oct 14


Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of what is bad so we can better appreciate the good. Maybe a taste of a thin, watery light beer. Pizza peddled to us by country singers and five-heads. Passing through an American airport. IKEA on a Saturday afternoon.

We have lots of fake troll accounts and “bits” people like to play as the heel, but sometimes we need to be reminded what a truly awful comment looks like since we set the bar so very high here at KSK for commenting.

This is an awful comment from the Philly sports radio post:

chad dee

Wow. Didn’t realize a bunch of pussies comment on these stories. Maybe you’re better off watching LPGA. I’m glad that showboating asshole got hurt, and am pissed we didn’t boo him off the field like Michael Irvin. These comments exhibit the total pussification of the NFL.

Keep on keeping on, asshat.

I am your host Sarah Sprague and these are your Comments of the Week for Rocktober 8-14, 2014. You have three months to start spelling ‘Super Bowl’ correctly.

You Have Misunderstood My Gesture Of Respect, By Vontaze Burfict

Make it snow

Pretty hard to believe. I suspect Burfict is just pulling our legs.


He’ll be ok as long as he wears a “Bobody’s Nurfict” hat to his press conference.

Cowboys Running Back Arrested For Shoplifting Underwear and Cologne

@PelicanPierre Twitter

I guess Joseph Randle took his Handcuff role a bit too seriously

ESPN Ignores Ferguson Protesters At Edward Jones Dome During MNF

Jek Porkins

Let me get this straight… they ignored this but they did a two-minute talk with the sideline reporter during the damn game about Ray McDonald he was making a tackle about his domestic violence case – the one where he wasn’t even charged yet.

Make it snow

Protesters: [put hands up]

Cameramen: [don’t shoot]


Those protesters should be attractive Miss Alabama contestants.

“Oh yeah, I’d like to shoot at that…all over those tight little tummies…”

Peter King And Florio, Sittin’ In a Den…

Enrico Pallazzo

I hate the Seahawks just like every other decent human being, but it’s pretty easy to see that their schedule so far has been impossible (minus the Skins of course) so maybe take it easy on the mediocre stuff, Lardo Calzonerisian.

Eagles Fan’s Stolen Prosthetic Leg Found

Make it snow

Please. There was no thief. He just has restless leg syndrome.

Reporter scoreboards Jahri Evans with his Pulitzer


I saw Season 5 of The Wire. I know Pulitzer’s don’t mean jack.

What if Nicholas Sparks made a movie about the NFL?


If Nicholas Sparks made a movie about the NFL, then Chuck Pagano would’ve died from cancer.

Former GM: NFL covered up “hundreds and hundreds” of domestic abuse cases

I love it when you call me Bob Poppa

On the bright side, this marks the first time Angelo was able to watch film, pick out the most dangerous offensive threat, then offer the correct opinion about him.

49ers bathroom fight victim may be paralyzed

Crystal Palace

In all fairness, the two gentlemen were just showing this man how NFL fans talk to women about football.

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