Konami Avoids Embarrassment and Pre-Records its E3 Press Conference — Check Out New Castlevania, Metal Gear Rising and Zone of the Enders Trailers

The last couple years Konami’s E3 press conferences have been a pretty reliable source of hilarity. Usually taking place late in the show after slick showings from Nintendo, Microsoft, Activision and other heavy hitters have monopolized all the attention, Konami’s press conferences have been executed with all the skill and confidence of a fourth grade book report (if that book report was being delivered by someone who only sort of understands English).

This year it seems as though Konami, tired of acting as E3’s punchline, has decided to get the jump on everyone and make all their big announcements via a recorded pre-E3 video. That’s bad news for fans of cringe humor, but probably a good move on Konami’s part, because it turns out they actually have a lot of cool stuff to show off this year.

Hit the jump for Konami’s pre-E3 video and trailers for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Zone of the Enders HD…

via GameTrailers, speficially, here, here and here

So, yeah, less embarrassing than usual for Konami, and yet it still had it’s endearingly incompetent moments — whose idea was it to put that Konami executive in a glowing tube of light a la Zordon from the Power Rangers? Also, way to lead with the stuff everyone wants to hear about — the opening of a new studio dedicated to Frogger iPhone games!

If you’re not feeling up for sitting still for half-an-hour, hit the second page where I’ve posted all the major trailers from the above video on their own…

Terrible narrator aside, I have to say, that was quite f–king rad. Kojima’s nutty characters meet Platinum Game’s nutty action — how can you go wrong?

Very subtle guys. Konami’s really going understated this year.

This is just a teaser and doesn’t show much (or anything really), but I wanted to post it anyways just so I could talk about the fact that the title of MercurySteam’s 3DS Castlevania game is apparently Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate. Yeesh, what a mouthful. Might as well face it Konami, you’re addicted to colons.

Finally, here’s a nice little bit of Zone of the Enders in HD…

So, yeah, unfortunately we didn’t get any strange Japanese men DDR-ing up a storm this year, but aside from that, what do you guys think of Konami’s line-up?