Culture Club Fans Showed Their Displeasure As Kris Jenner Introduced The Band

Nothing brings people together like their shared hatred for all things Kardashian. Complete strangers will stand united to boo the hell out of “America’s First Family.” Both Clippers and Rockets fans stopped hating each other to boo Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner when the sisters showed up on the jumbotron last year. Kendall was booed again, this time with sister Kylie, when both presented at the 2015 Billboard Awards. But the most embarrassing form of Kardashian-Jenner protest came Saturday night, at iHeartradio’s iHeart80s concert.

It must’ve slipped the producers’ minds that the concert wasn’t going to be filled with teens and tweens because when Kris Jenner was introduced to present Boy George and Culture Club, the 17,000 people who packed The Forum bound together and booed the Kardashian matriarch for a full minute, non-stop, and very loudly. Guys, it was so terrible that someone actually yelled, “Hey! Hey, people!,” during her speech and triggered my secondhand embarrassment.

Yet, even with the sea of deafening boos reminding the 60-year-old reality star that she wasn’t wanted at the show, Kris didn’t appear shaken up. She smiled, powered through and finished her introduction, which included little anecdotes about wanting to be Boy George, meeting Boy George, and getting him to perform at her birthday party. She has to get credit for that, right?