Kris Jenner Went To Absurd Lengths To Prove She’s The Proudest Mother Of All

kris jenner thr breakfast
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Kris Jenner is ridiculous. This we know. She’s completely outdone herself this time, though, by submitting a patent request for #proudmama. That’s right, in hashtag form. As if trademarking “proud mama” as separate words weren’t enough, Jenner went the extra mile and did it as a hashtag. According to TMZ, Jenner plans on using the phrase in advertising, presumably in pursuit of continuing to expand the empire of beautifully contoured daughters she’s built. If she’s granted the trademark, it means that no one else will be able to use #proudmama as a method of advertising or promotion. No word on whether they can still use proud mama as two separate words or not, but Jenner will probably get around to trademarking that as well, sooner rather than later.

Now the speculation can begin as to what Kris might use the trademark for if she gets it. Kylie’s lip product line is a huge success, but there’s always the chance they will need to boost sales of a future mascara release or eyeliner package. Kendall may be on the top of the modeling world at the moment, so declaring how proud of a mother she is would be the natural next step. Now that Kim has two little ones of her own, Kris should also start hashtagging #proudgramma as well. Got to hop on that North and Saint success train as soon as possible!

[via TMZ]