Krispy Kreme Is Giving Away Dozens Of Free Donuts Right Now


Tuesdays usually suck, but if you’re anywhere near a Krispy Kreme you can change the course of your week by ingesting so much sugar that you may think you’re able to fly (which isn’t actually that much sugar, to be honest). In honor of Superhero Day, Krispy Kreme is giving away 12 free donuts with any purchase of a dozen. It’s not clear whether you can get 12 free donuts for each dozen you buy or if it’s a dozen total, no one’s going to blame you for rolling down there and trying to score 200 donuts to eat for dinner.

Time reports that if you’re into the possibility of winning free donuts for life, Krispy Kreme invites you to take a picture with your hero either in-store or holding a Krispy Kreme product. But if your hero’s a famous person and not your dad (sorry, dad), the donut chain is okay with you just bringing a picture of your hero along. I’d like to think that’s because they don’t want contestants violating state and federal laws by clubbing The Rock on the head and then dragging him into a donut shop over the promise of a lifetime of sugar.

(But that guy seems pretty cool, though. I bet he’d go with you if you asked.)

Source: Time