Krispy Kreme Accidentally Promotes ‘KKK Wednesdays,’ You Know, For Kids!

A Krispy Kreme location in Kingston upon Hull, England, has sparked a bit of a kerfuffle over their promotion of “KKK Wednesdays,” meaning “Krispy Kreme Klub” and not that other KKK they thought we forgot about. Krispy Kreme issued an unreserved apology and pulled the ad (pictured above) from the Hull location’s Facebook page this afternoon, although a representative tells the Hull Daily Mail, “This was sent from head office, so it has been advertised at all the outlets.”

The representative also said the donut decorating activity for kids would proceed tomorrow, but under a different name. Reports the Guardian, “KKK Wednesdays was to be part of the doughnut shop’s half-term activities – a series of planned events for children during a week-long break from school.”

How something called “KKK Wednesdays” ever got past the brainstorming stage and into a finished ad at the home office is anybody’s guess, but they’re going to have to battle Krusty the Clown for the trademark.

Via Eater and Cynical-C