Kristin Davis Slams Talk Show For Ambushing Her With A ‘Sex And The City’ Skit During A Serious Moment

Every aspiring actor dreams of scoring a long-term role so they can stop worrying about survival. Of course, the danger is scoring such a part — especially on a show that captures a cultural zeitgeist — is that there’s no possible way to escape that role. We’ve seen this with Bryan Cranston, who just can’t live down his Walter White persona. In the case of Kristin Davis, she’ll forever be associated with Charlotte from Sex and the City.

Davis has been quietly toiling away for more than a decade since departing HBO’s smash success — which, by the way, abandoned its last shred of dignity when Carrie ended up with Mr. Big (don’t even talk about those movies) — in various roles. She’s also thrown herself into humanitarian causes. Davis loves Africa and elephants, and she’s worked with the United Nations to address the refugee crises. On Thursday, she appeared on Australian morning show Sunrise to discuss refugees, and the show ambushed her with an impromptu Sex and the City skit. The worst part of this skit was Samantha Armytage in a bad Carrie wig. The three hosts pushed Davis into reliving Charlotte’s engagement and Carrie’s Post-It note breakup (oh, Ron Livingston).

Davis endured the skit like a trooper even thought she tried to say, “I don’t know that this is a great idea, frankly.” Once Davis returned to reality, she retweeted a follower who wrote, “That was the worst piece of TV I’ve ever seen. Kristin, you and your charity work is great. Shame Sunrise.”

Davis also retweeted several other messages and replied to her fans with expressions of disbelief. She wanted to highlight an important cause, but the circus music started instead.

For their part, the Sunrise producers must have finally realized the error of their ways and felt awful. They tweet-pinned a video of Davis speaking about Africa, elephants, and refugees.

Never forget this awful wig.