The KSK 2013 NFL Halloween Costume-kkake

10.31.13 6 years ago 68 Comments

Every Halloween, the KSK staff joins together to brainstorm creative costume ideas for notable NFL figures. Tom Brady must’ve heard and went on the offensive with his costume, although cowardly lion is a better fit for Josh Freeman. Here we go:


Peyton Hillis: Bane

Colin Kaepernick: Raphael

Logan Mankins: Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Marshawn Lynch: Animal

Gruden & Tirico: Hall & Oates

Joe Flacco: Sheet Ghost

Peter King: Hodor

Aaron Rodgers & Randall Cobb: Ryan and Kelly

Brandon Weeden: NYC Sad Panda

Matt Barkley: Ivan Drago

Peyton Manning: Woody

Roger Goodell: Joffrey

Others up for consideration…

Greg Schiano: Commander Queeg
Barkevious Mingo: Harry Potter
Dez Bryant: Kanye West
Dan Snyder: Pocahontas
Andy Dalton: Congressman Nicholas Brody
Mike Glennon: Carrie Mathison
Sean McGrath: The 2013 Red Sox
Mike Vick: Caeser Milan
Aaron Hernandez: Laura Prepon from “Orange is the New Black”
John Elway: Donkey (from Shrek)
Mike McCarthy: Warren from Something About Mary
Roddy White: Damien Sandow
Jerry Jones: Yosemite Sam
Eric Berry: Horseless Headless Horseman

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