Kumail Nanjiani Sends Folks Looking To Watch ‘The Big Sick’ On A Scavenger Hunt Over At Pornhub

Of all things you might expect a celebrity to suggest you do with your family on Christmas Eve, the last thing is likely “surf around Pornhub looking for my movie.” That’s essentially what Kumail Nanjiani did while telling people to check out The Big Sick, at first telling folks to check out the legal ways of seeing the successful indie flick and then pointing out that it is streaming in some more unsavory parts of the internet if they were short on cash or an Amazon Prime account:

While folks at Mashable and The Daily Dot tried to hunt down The Big Sick on Pornhub, it did not work out how they would’ve liked. Apparently directly searching for “The Big Sick” on a free porn website will bring you some results you didn’t want but should’ve at least expected.

But Nanjiani does stand by his claim that it is on there and he has the support of Chrissy Teigen claiming she saw it there too:

But sadly, some sleuths on the internet have not been able to find the film and it seems to have been deleted from the adult website.

There is luckily another option if you’re looking for something else to entertain your family and risk creating an awkward Christmas memory. As The Daily Dot points out, some folks on Twitter found the full Broadway performance of Hamilton on Pornhub under the title of “revolutionary boys get dirty on American politics”:

Just make sure you have your finger on the ESC key if you do decide to put the video up on the big screen — or at least make sure autoplay is turned off.

(Via Daily Dot / Mashable)