Kurt Russell Is Ready To Shake The Pillars Of Heaven With His Very Own Wine

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07.14.14 3 Comments

Kurt Russell stopped by Letterman and they took a chance to talk about Russell’s new wine. Jokes were made about the strength of the brew and Russell’s trips to Burgundy, but I see it as an opportunity to talk about how awesome Kurt Russell has been over the years.

Sure he’s older and making wine now, but he’s allowed to that. He gave life to Jack Burton, make big hats cool with R.J. MacReady and gave America the bad ass it deserved with Snake Plissken.

That leads to my only qualm with this wine: why aren’t the named after those famous characters. “Angelbaby” sounds like something Stanley Kubrick farted out in a tea fit, not a bad ass wine from the guy who destroyed an entire alien civilization with grit and a nuke.

(Via The Late Show)

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