What Does Kylie Jenner Know About Chemtrails That She’s Not Telling Us?

Kendall Jenner Signs Copies Of Her Book "Rebels: City Of Indra : The Story of Lex And Livia"
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Chemtrails, the cocaine lines of the sky, are nothing to be worried about. They’re what happens when “warm, moist exhaust of the plane’s engines [meets] the extremely cold temperatures of the upper atmosphere,” and other things I learned after 30 seconds of Google searching.

That’s all the time it takes to have an elementary understanding of most things: 30 seconds. But where’s the fun in, ugh, learning? So tedious! It’s got nothing on sharing conspiracy theories about how the government is using chemtrails to pollute the lungs and brains of our children, and before long, the entire world will be like Interstellar… crop-less and tedious.

Possibly because she saw someone’s racist uncle with an elementary understanding of Photoshop post it on Facebook, Kylie Jenner, the Kardashian half-sister who isn’t the other Kardashian half-sister, came out as a chemtrail #truther.

The tweet caught the eye of part-time conspiracy theorist, full-time wackadoo Mark Dice:

Dice complained that Jenner, as the half-sister of Kim Kardashian and daughter of Bruce Jenner, would be taken seriously as a chemtrail “expert” without knowing the facts outlined in the books he’s written – but he said 17-year-old model had Buddha-like potential.

“The man who is considered to be the first Buddha was born and raised in a very wealthy family over in India, and in his pursuit for the truth left that to live a life of no pleasures or extravagance,” Dice explained. “So there is a chance that one of the Kardashian girls could be free.” (Via)

“Free?” Unless it costs more than $20,000, the Kardashians/Jenners aren’t interested.