Did Kylie Jenner Really Go Black Face In This New Photo Shoot?

As the headline asks, is this black face? No, apparently it is not. But that didn’t stop plenty of folks from getting upset at Kylie Jenner for going that route during a recent photo shoot.

She posted the photo above to her Instagram account yesterday and faced a heaping of praise and vitriol from all sides. Other photos from the shoot were posted makeup artist Joyce Bonelli and stylist Chris Dylan, adding more fuel to the controversy.

The complaints flowed, much like this one, and Jenner was forced to address the situation today on via Twitter. Here is a taste of the complaints:

And here is Jenner’s response:

That makes it better, right? Probably not. I can’t say I really have an opinion. People who are on Kylie Jenner’s side are using the alien defense, which is cruel to aliens and lizard people. Either way, I can’t imagine who would think even skimming the blackface line would be OK.

I will say, aside from all this, if I could have this painted and framed as an original piece, that’d be super:

(Via Buzzfeed)