Kylie Jenner Showed Up At A Random California Prom And Everybody Freaked Out

Prom is pretty lame — come on, it’s probably years since you went to yours, we can all admit it now — with only crazy surprises or big events making a night spent hiding alcohol in a clutch or pining after a crush worthwhile. Teens spend hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars on dresses and limousines only to be either slightly disappointed in the big night or busted at the afterparty. It’s rare for any solid enjoyment to come out of prom night since the event itself is so built up that the night itself would have to be pretty incredible to live up to the hype.

Suffice to say Kylie Jenner surprising the entire student body by showing up to a random prom night is exactly the type of incredible event high school upperclassmen hope and pray for. Jenner attended Rio Americano High School’s prom to help out a Sacramento teenager whose first choice of a prom date turned him down. A member of the extended Kardashian clan isn’t exactly a terrible second option! How Albert Ochoa got the chance to escort Kylie Jenner to one of his biggest high school events isn’t exactly clear, but maybe a high school party in Sacramento was just what Jenner needed as a break from her jet-setting, Hollywood lifestyle. After all, the 19-year-old Jenner sibling never really got to participate in her own traditional prom due to her fame and family.

The photos and snaps from students at the party gave Ochoa props for his choice of date, and were blown away by the fact that Kylie was dancing among them.

Kylie arrived at the prom via a private plane (normal!) and sported a white corsage on her arm as well as a glamorous Cushnie et Ochs dress, which is probably something she pulled out of the back of her closet. The Daily Mail reports that the ever-present Keeping Up With The Kardashians cameras followed her around, filming for an upcoming episode. Which can be expected, since there are never not cameras in the vicinity of a Jenner. Here’s hoping Ochoa had a blast at his prom and will never forget the night, cameras or not.

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