Don’t Stop Believin’: The Lakers Looking To Land Carmelo, LeBron

07.17.13 6 years ago 34 Comments

The Lakers took a nasty L when Dwight Howard left town. If this were any other team – literally any other team on this or any other planet, in any other sport, past, present or future – some time away from the spotlight would probably be expected. Maybe Laker Land will chill with the outrageous rumors a bit, and try to focus on actually playing basketball and making due with the players that they currently employ.

Wait. What’s that? The Lakers are scheming about landing both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony? Well, shoot.

If this were any other team dreaming this big, I’d probably roll my eyes and move on. But it’s the Lakers and, more than anything else in the world, I want Los Angeles to have to go through sh*tty rebuilding years instead of walking around like the entitled rich kids that the franchise and its fanbase are. I yearn to see them accept that their great franchise – which has been fortunate to see the torch pass from generation to generation incredibly well – doesn’t currently possess the young players needed to really, truly move forward.

And make no surprise: LeBron or Carmelo – maybe even the two together – rocking a Lakers’ jersey holds holds as much weight as, say, King James returning to Cleveland. But this entitled way of thinking is what drives non-L.A. fans to take Laker Nation as something of a farce. Of course, there’s an easy fix for their problems. They’re the Lakers! The basketball gods want them to win, and smart players like LeBron want to share the spotlight with notorious basketball black holes like Carmelo Anthony.

Buckle yourself in, fellow basketball fan. The f*ckery has only just begun.

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