This Police Chase In L.A. Had The Most Bizarre ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Ending

News Editor

Easter Sunday is a time for celebration, but one woman took the party too far as a suspect of an armed robbery. Police chased this woman’s Tacoma Toyota pickup around the Los Angeles area as she reportedly reached triple-digit speeds, and once they cornered her, she did the unthinkable. CBS LA’s Desmond Shaw traced the pickup before anyone realized who was piloting, though everyone knew they were dealing with someone dangerous: “He’s driving totally nuts, totally nuts. And strangely, he’s also using his signal.”

A chase can only last so long, but before everything was said and done, the woman raced across a few medians, drove through someone’s front yard, and nearly lost control of the pickup. Once the pickup finally stopped, a woman burst out the door and tried to take a police cruiser. Yes, she was going to drive away once again, but several officers tackled her to the ground. Shaw narrated this event as “one incredibly brazen move,” and yeah, this is not going to work out for her in a courtroom.

No one knows whether this woman was inspired by Grand Theft Auto, but a video-game defense is unlikely to impress any judge.

(Via CBS LA)

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