Watch These Ladies Try And Fail To Guess Men’s Ethnicity By Grabbing Their Wangs

Most people would side-eye a couple of ladies who blindfold themselves and go to town on some dudes’ packages for the sake of testing racial stereotypes. The people at All Def Digital conducted this experiment anyway. This is like the video where blinded folks guessed girls-or-guys butts, but much worse. In the latter video, there was some good, old-fashioned bum squeezing at work. In his newish video, the ladies apply all of the racial stereotypes you’ve heard in the locker room. The men are fully cooperative, but does it matter?

When it comes down to the gist of this viral video, two ladies set out to answer this following question: “Is it true that black guys have the bigger penis?” These ladies think they know global wangs, and they also have stereotypes of white, Hispanic, Asian and Middle Eastern men at the ready. One woman calls herself the “dick whisperer,” but that label carries no positive impact on her fail rate. Don’t ask me why these dudes are shirtless. I guess that’s part of the deal, as is the fact that these woman go butt groping too.

One could argue this video is all in fun, but then one lady says, “You’re kind of giving something away because your pants are sagging a little bellow your underwear, and I don’t want to make racial stereotypes, but I think that’s a black thing.” Is this at least a little bit offensive? Yep.

(Via Metro)