Lady Gaga Is Getting Two Starbucks Drinks In Support Of The Born This Way Foundation

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Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, founded in 2011 and named after her Born This Way album, has a primary goal of empowering youth. Now, the pop singer and activist is getting a huge leg up in those empowerment goals with a new Starbucks campaign running from June 13th to June 19th. The singer will have her own colorful and unique line of beverages – two of which exist already on the Starbucks menu and two of which are original creations just for the few days the campaign is running.

The new concoctions for the campaign are the Matcha Lemonade – a mix of Teavana matcha green tea and lemonade, and the Violet Drink – a refreshing blend of coconut milk and blackberry and hibiscus flavors. Both sound delicious and perfect for the hot summer months, and they are joined by the Ombré Pink Drink and Pink Drink on the menu. 25 cents from each purchase of the drinks will go towards Gaga’s foundation for the entire span of the week, so fans of the singer (or just fans of empowering young people) should get to a Starbucks fast and buy one of the many options that are both amazingly colorful and supporting a good cause.

You can see each of the drinks in the Tweet below, and decided which ones looks best for your taste buds.

(via Glamour)