Larry The Cable Guy Arm Wrestles This Guy To A Grotesque Finish

If you were curious about what would happen in an arm wrestling match between comedian Larry The Cable Guy and some random guy, you’re in luck. TMZ has the video showing such a contest and the ending isn’t what you would expect. Here are the background details thanks to the folks over at TMZ:

The video is intense to say the least — and it went down at the University of Nebraska football game last Saturday in Lincoln. Larry, a huge Huskers fan, and the guy — an army vet named John — were in a luxury suite, and we’re told John challenged the comedian.

Why is the video intense? Well it ends with Larry pushing himself over the top and right through the other guy’s arm, snapping it completely to the shock of Larry, the guy, the people watching the matchup, and this kid who just happened to see it right in front of his face:

You can check it out here, but just know that you can’t avoid the horrible ending. This is your warning to just take my word for it and know that Larry The Cable Guy is more than just a guy who tells redneck jokes for a lot of money. Good luck.

(Via TMZ / Deadspin)