LA’s “Occupy Twilight” Line As Depressing As You Think

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11.16.11 4 Comments

Buzzfeed has a huge photo post of teenage girls, their mothers, and other stereotypes waiting in line to see the climax of this movie series, which is of course divided into two to wring as much money as possible out of the fans. And…well, it’s honestly exactly what you’d think it is, for the most part, but a couple of images really stand out, that we’ve shared below.
Thanks to Buzzfeed for collecting these photos.

…”We are the 1%”?
I’m really hoping that this is from a meeting of slash writers and not a bunch of women unclear on what the phrase “pillow biter” means.
So basically what you’re saying is no matter which one turns out to be gay, you’ll still be decimated beyond all reason.
“…and then I discovered minorities in tents get beaten senseless by the LAPD on a regular basis. I hate your country now.”
So, you’re on Team Pillow Biter?

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