This Tumblr Shows The Last Text Messages People Received From Loved Ones


Texting is one of the more dismissive ways of communicating with other people. But you should still think about what you’re sending; you don’t want your last message to be you misspelling “toast” because you were drunk when you typed it. A new Tumblr, The Last Message Received, rounds up exactly that: “The last messages people received from ex-friends or ex-significant others, as well as from deceased friends, significant others, and relatives.”

Some are funny in retrospect, some are terribly sad, some are lies (“I’m too upset to talk about this right now, I’ll talk to you about it later”). Many are from desperate ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, including one who wrote, “I’m so drunk right now. And I miss you,” because he’s a parody of himself.

The Last Message Received is run by 15-year-old Emily Trunko. The Ohio resident told the New York Times she thinks her Tumblr caught on because “a lot of people are getting more sentimental and thinking more about family and interacting with loved ones. I think Last Message Received can hit home with them.” Here are some of the anonymous submissions that have been shared with Trunko, and the world.

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The next time you think about texting your mom, maybe call instead? If you feel like submitting, you can do so here.

(Via The Last Message Received)