‘The Last Of Us’ Will Make You Cry Again On Valentine’s Day

The Last Of Us is largely a story about Joel: How he falls, how he heals, how he makes a hard decision to put himself and the girl who’s become his surrogate daughter ahead of possibly most of the world. Ellie’s past doesn’t come up much… but come Valentine’s Day, that’s about to change.

The DLC, finally coming on, yes, Valentine’s Day, centers around Ellie and her friend Riley. If you don’t know Riley, then you probably should sit down and read Dark Horse’s superb The Last Of Us: American Dreams, which was a great tie-in comic. The DLC, titled Left Behind, will fill in what happens next, according to Naughty Dog:

Ellie returns as new light is shed on her relationship with Riley, her best friend from the military boarding school they both grew up in. After inexplicably disappearing for weeks, Riley reemerges in Ellie’s life with a surprising revelation. The two sneak out of their school for the last time, leading to a series of events that will forever change both of their lives.

Here’s the trailer, as a quick reminder:

It’s not a huge stretch to assume that this does not end well, considering where Ellie winds up and the fact that Riley doesn’t come up much in the course of the game. But considering this game succeeded in making us cry with giraffes (and managed to be both the best game of the last console generation and the best game of 2013), we’ve got high hopes this will be great. Brutal and probably leave us rocking in the corner, but great.

Via Naughty Dog