The Latest ‘Battlefield 4’ Trailer Features Ladies With Sweet Jiu-Jitsu Moves And Dog Punching

Did you know Call of Duty: Ghosts isn’t the only ridiculous military shooter coming out this holiday season? There’s another Battlefield on the way too! Uh, I said there’s another Battlefield coming out too!

[Chirping crickets].

Okay, okay, Battlefield 4 has been a bit overshadowed, but dammit, EA’s really going for CoD’s throat with their latest trailer. Probably the two most publicized additions to Call of Duty: Ghosts are its female soldiers and doggy sidekicks, so the latest Battlefield trailer features a lady soldier putting a dude in an armbar and a guy punching a dog right in it’s damn face. Take that Activision!

I’ve never really played the Battlefield series, but I dunno — Battlefield 4 is kind of looking better than Ghosts to me. What about you folks? Any Battlefield fans out there?

via Kotaku