Watching Latino Kids Diss Donald Trump Will Make You Love The Existence Of Donald Trump

Rosa and Ricardo — the youngsters featured in the above video from — are not impressed with Donald Trump’s controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants, nor his choice of hairstyle. For the former, Ricardo says, “F*ck you.” Not to be outdone, little Rosa follows up with a, “Racist d*ck,” retort to Trump’s scathing review of Mexican immigrants. It’s a little shocking at first to see such young people using foul language, but then…it’s only cussing.

The big Don will be hosting SNL this Saturday, and for that, NBC has seen some backlash toward the hosting gig in light of Trump’s seemingly bigoted comments on Latinos. It remains to be seen if some proper humor from the billionaire presidential candidate will assuage the general hate that’s been directed his way.

Perhaps we should thank Trump for his existence, because without it, we wouldn’t have amazing pieces of multimedia like this video.

(via DeportRacism)

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