Launch Yourself A Good Time, DIY Bullet Bill Rocket (Video)

In the world today, sadly enough, there are many villains out there trying to get us. We’ve got Moammar Gadhafi running amok, global warming constantly rapping at the door, irradiated seawater leaking into our oceans and so on, and so forth. However, an original enemy is back in effect, a character from all of our childhoods: I’m speaking of course about Bullet Bill, the pesky Super Mario Bros. enemy that the Koopa have been launching since day one.

Enter Instructables user seamster and his custom DIY Bullet Bill rocket. As if launching non-lethal explosives into the sky wasn’t already enjoyable enough, seamster came up with the rich idea to adapt one of his favorite video game enemies into its very own operational rocket.

Originally outfitting only the Bullet Bill itself (bottom left corner, banner pic), seamster’s original launch was less eventful than Mrs. Pearl’s church barbeque -you can find the original video here. Heading back to the drawing board, the entire Bullet Bill design was updated, doubling the final version’s size.

Video after the jump of the second Bullet Bill launch, this time a success.

[via CrunchGear]