Laura Bifano's Game-Inspired Pixelated Animal Paintings

Entertainment Editor

Pixelated honey badger, you is nasty.

For the past few months Laura Bifano has been working on her “Menagerie” series of polygonal animal paintings.  She says, “It reconciles my fascination with the natural world and computer game aesthetics.”  She’s now finished all ten paintings (pictured after the jump, via Kottke) and is selling prints in her Etsy shop.
Oh man, Super Mario Bros. 3 would have had a totally different vibe if Mario had been flying around in a honey badger suit.  Look at Mario stomping on those helpless animals and taking mushrooms.  Now he’s grabbing all those coins.  Those aren’t even his coins.  He don’t care.  Honey Badger Mario takes what he wants.

(click pictures to enlarge)

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