Lauren Boebert Is Denying Having An Affair With A Christian Rock Singer Amid Her Divorce

Lauren Boebert recently confirmed that she (shockingly) filed for divorce from her husband of two decades, Jayson Boebert, whom she met when she was 16 years old and worked at Burger King. Since that time, the congresswoman has found time to slam hoodies and Target, although she has also shut down reports about her husband’s alleged behavior while greeting a process server. Boebert has defended Jayson, saying that he’d never drink Bud Light or sit around cleaning guns, and for his part, Jayson has not only denied being belligerent with the process server but also admitted being heartbroken.

The Daily Beast now reports that Lauren now finds herself in the awkward position of denying rumors of an affair. Mind you, these rumors are completely unsubstantiated, but people leaned into the gossip while wildly speculating that there could be something between Boebert and Sean Feucht, an ultra-right wing Christian rock singer and sometimes preacher who also dislikes Target for its Pride merch. Feucht and his streaming blonde locks are married to his high school sweetheart, with whom he shares four children. On Twitter, he has resolved to get his lawyer involved if people do not “retract and apologize” for the “false” and “defamatory” affair claims within 24 hours.

Boebert issued a statement to the Daily Beast, in which she also denied affair rumors and joked, “How can I be with a man with better hair than me?”

Feucht has further declared, “The Enemy wants to distract us with LIES and ATTACKS, but he’s not gonna stop us from PRAISING God and chasing REVIVAL for our Nation!” He added that he has forgiven “those that have slandered my family and my name with no evidence whatsoever.” However, “[Y]ou really need to give your life and your hate to Jesus.”

Meanwhile, Jayson Boebert has been further opening up about his disappointment about the divorce. He recently told Westword that his wife’s time in D.C. has “been a difficult time,” and they both work long hours while he takes care of their sons while she is away. Jayson insisted that neither he nor Lauren have been unfaithful, and he previously revealed to The Daily Beast that he never expected to be served divorce papers.

(Via The Daily Beast)