Lauren Boebert Is Denying That She Shot And Killed Her Neighbor’s Dog That Was Attacking Her Goats, Claims Another Neighbor Was The Actual Shooter

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert‘s Colorado neighborhood doesn’t sound like the most peaceful place in which to reside. A few months ago, allegations surfaced about Lauren’s husband, Jayson, wanting “to fight with everyone in the neighborhood.” This followed an incident in which a 911 call detailed allegations of their son driving “like 50 miles per hour” down residential streets. That situation seems to have calmed down, but now, another controversy is afoot. And for the record, Boebert is denying all involvement in this incident, which involves the death of a neighbor’s dog.

The American Muckrakers PAC (which Boebert previously threatened to sue for spreading salacious stories about her after they helped to tank Madison Cawthorn’s reelection prospects) shared a screen cap that purports to be from a Boebert neighbor, who directly accused Lauren of shooting the husky in August 2022. These are enormous accusations (you can read them here) with the woman writing, “[Y]ou took my bestfriend away with the ‘power’ of your gun.”

In response, Boebert came forward to declare that she had nothing to do with the killing of her neighbor’s dog. “For the uninformed trolls: The story that was started saying I killed a neighbors dog is not true. I’ve never shot or killed any dog, ever,” she wrote. “A neighbor told the police that he shot two dogs.” Boebert also mentioned, “I believe there is a police report that verifies the neighbor’s account of why he shot the dogs.”

The congresswoman counters that she had heard that “the dogs he shot” were “killing livestock in our neighborhood including several of our family’s goats.” Newsweek follows up after an email from Boebert, who screencapped a Facebook post from another neighbor, Tina Bergonzini, who insisted that Boebert didn’t kill any dogs. “The cops were contacted, they know who shot the dogs,” Bergonzini reportedly posted. “My boyfriend shot both of them.”

(Via Newsweek)