Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s Suggestion For Top Military Officials Backfired, And People Have ‘Suggestions’ For Her

Rifle Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) loves Twitter, but Twitter does not love her. Her absurd “Tylenol” tweet continues to make waves, not long after her hysterical tweet about the U.S.-Mexico border situation. She’s full of backfired toilet jokes, too, and now, Boebert is back with more tweets on subjects that she doesn’t really understand. So, people are letting her have it after she came for top U.S. defense generals.

“Milley and Austin should be testifying in military court,” Boebert wrote on Twitter. “[N]ot at a Senate hearing.”

Sadly, Boebert has proven that she (as a non-high-school graduate who passed the passed the GED shortly before being elected to the House) doesn’t know much about U.S. government branches or how they work (checks and balances and so on). She made this declaration during the Senate Armed Services Committee’s hearing on the Afghanistan withdrawal. While assessing the situation (and as CBS reports), Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley described the rushed withdrawal as “logistical success, but a strategic failure,” although he claimed that U.S. troops had evacuated over 124,000 out of Afghanistan within weeks. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin followed up by saying, “Was it perfect? Of course not.”

Milley added that he saw “no intel assessment that says the government’s going to collapse and the military is going to collapse in 11 days,” and he contradicted the Biden administration by saying that the military recommended that he leave a few thousand U.S. troops in the country. Well, Boebert isn’t listening to any nuance. She believes that Milley and Austin deserve a military trial, straight away, rather than the legislative branch doing its thing to evaluate what the executive branch is doing. And in the face of Boebert’s suggestion, people have some suggestions (including remarks about her actions surrounding the MAGA insurrection) for her, too.

She’ll be back for more, and people will be watching.

(Via CBS News)