Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s Philosophy On ‘The Proper Role Of Government’ Is Being Ridiculed Into Oblivion

Embattled Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) can’t stop dusting her guns off to come back swinging. This week’s disastrous toilet joke may have led Sarah Palin Lite to try and up her game with some slightly philosophical musings, but that hasn’t gone over well, either. All of this has happened recently after she earned a horrific nickname before blaming God for her place in Congress and failing at fashion commentary.

She is not to be deterred, even after stumbling mightily on Twitter with her praise of the Taliban and completely botching her use of the word “patriots” during a rude pronoun discussion. This doesn’t even account for her historically inclined flubs, including a confused Samuel/John Adams tweet, and yet, here we are.

Are you ready for Boebert’s proclamation on how she believes government should work? Presumably, this is about Covid guidelines (given that she reportedly threw a mask at a House staffer before raging against Nancy Pelosi’s “totalitarian” mandates), but let’s get on with her actual declaration.

“The proper role of government is not to keep you safe every day,” she tweeted. “The proper role of government is to keep you free.”

Her usual word-salad methods aren’t too prominent here, but consider this. On Sept. 19, 2020 (and while running for Congress), Boebert tweeted that “the government is supposed to both defend our individual rights and our collective safety.”

How soon they forget. However, no one has forgotten about Boebert’s self-declared hardline pro-military and pro-law-enforcement stances. And of course, people still can’t forget about the Daily Beast’s coverage of Boebert’s restaurant, Shooter’s Grill, allegedly giving people food poisoning at a rodeo.

Will Boebert be back for more? You betcha.