Lauren Boebert Got Dragged For Bemoaning That ‘Our Own Country Is Falling Down’ After Voting Against An Infrastructure Bill

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert has stayed busy lately in spite of that little House floor dust-up with Marjorie Taylor Greene. The congresswoman from Colorado also found time to trash New Zealand and file articles of impeachment against President Biden. From there, she’s kept her Twitter streams alive with a steady dose of distaste for Democrats.

As part of that crusade, Boebert has decided to blame a recent AMTRAK derailing and the I-95 collapse upon Democrats (presumably Biden and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg). “Stuff like this is going on constantly in America,” Boebert tweeted. “We’re sending our money all over the world but our own country is falling down around us.”

Hmm. The aforementioned AMTRAK derailment occurred because a water truck was on the tracks when it clearly should not have been on the tracks. The I-95 collapse was the result of an unforeseen accident involving approximately 8,500 gallons of gasoline on fire. Further, Colorado’s own Durango Herald newspaper recently wrote about how Boebert voted against Biden’s Infrastructure Investment And Jobs Act because she saw the legislation as “wasteful” and “garbage.”

Boebert went on to ask Buttigeieg to allocate $33.1 million for a bridge construction project in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Further, she introduced her own infrastructure act and called it a “real solution” to funding the issue.

Let’s just say that people are calling BS on Boebert’s attempt to blame what could be considered freak accidents on Democrats. And no one wasted a moment before reminding her of her infrastructure-vote shenanigans.

(Via Durango Herald)