Lauren Boebert’s Intelligence Came Under Question After She Tried To Compare Marxism To Ponzi Schemes

Lauren Boebert rarely gets the kind of press her fellow far-right new fish Marjorie Taylor Greene does, though the two were the only ones in the House who voted against a bill aimed at helping patients with leukemia. But every now and then she says or does something so inane that it lights up social media. On Saturday, the Colorado representative had what she thought was a terse, devastating takedown of Marxism, but it only succeeded in making people question whether she even knew what it was.

“Marxism is the greatest ponzi scheme ever devised,” Boebert wrote. It’s a favorite move among Trump loyalists; Jim Jordan loves writing short, meaning-impaired tweets that receive a good social media pile-on. Boebert — who was perhaps inspired by the recent passing of noted grifter Bernie Madoff — let her words speak for themselves, not explaining what she meant. But that only made it seem like she doesn’t know what either Marxism or Ponzi schemes are.

Many, many questioned her intelligence.

Others pointed out that Boebert’s attempt to stick it to Marxism — which, just to clarify, is far broader term than she let on, or perhaps even knew — may have backfired.

And there were jokes.

Eventually enough people ridiculed Boebert that she actually tried to explain herself.

Alright y’all…. A ponzi scheme promises success for everyone, but defrauds everyone involved. The only ones who come out on top are the criminals in charge. That is Marxism.

But people thought that just sounded like Trumpism.

Or, again, capitalism.

But it was clear people who know what Marxism is were not Boebert’s target audience. It was people who don’t. Like, it seems, her.