Lay’s Will Begin Selling Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips Next Week

Big news in the snack world, folks. Real big. So big it’ll probably end up spending 24 hours a day in a La-Z-Boy and having to get cut out of its house by the fire department if doesn’t start making some major life changes. Like, for example, not eating bag after bag of the new chocolate-covered potato chips that Lay’s is rolling out next week, which is itself the big news I was alluding to. Yes, I’m going in a bit of a strange, convoluted circle here. But if you follow me around it, you may burn a calorie or two. You’re going to need all the help you can get come Monday.

The details, from USA Today:

Because the move into sweet snacks is still unusual for a salty snack giant like Lay’s, the rollout will be limited on two counts. The chocolate-dipped chips will be sold only at Target stores. At the same time, the initial test is for limited-time-only distribution to stretch through the holidays. But if the chip is a major hit, it could ultimately become permanent, says Ram Krishnan, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay.

“When you try something drastically different, you have to walk before you can run,” says Krishnan. “We wanted to test our way through this before we go big.”

I challenge any of you to find something more perfect than a VP of a snack company using an analogy that includes the words “walk” and “run” while discussing the rollout of a line of mass-produced, deep-fried, salt-covered potato slices that have been totally submerged in chocolate.

Photo credit: Frito-Lay