These Leaked Photos Of Scarlett Johansson From 'Under The Skin' Prove Louis C.K. Correct

Under the Skin was already my favorite movie coming out in 2014 that stars an actress from Ghost World as a “sexy manhunting alien,” DOUBLY so after seeing a couple of screencaps from the film. If you like your ScarJo’s blurry, and I know you do, you’ll love these photos, almost as much as Louis C.K. respects her:

“The ten-year-old is more complicated. She asks me a lot of questions, I have to sort of be ready for them. She asked me, what is prejudice? They told her in school to ask me. Well, they said ask somebody in your life. And so she asked me. She said, what’s prejudice? And I was like, “Well…” And she’s like, ugh, why did I ask you? Jesus Christ. This is gonna be a nightmare. So I told her prejudice is that you judge before, Pre-ju-dice. Pre-judge-sadiz. You judge before. That’s what prejudice is. You say, ah, he’s gonna… ‘Cause he’s one of those, so he’s gonna… That’s prejudice. And she asked me, have you ever been prejudiced? And I was like, oh. Oh, oh my. Oh, well, I wasn’t prepared for such questions. I said, you’ve got to examine yourself once in awhile. You can’t just go, “I voted for Obama, I can’t be prejudiced, it’s impossible.” You have to still check yourself. What have I done lately? Like, I want to f*ck Scarlett Johansson. I don’t know her, but I never met her or saw her in person, but I just know. Come on. I just know that that would be the greatest thing that ever happened to me… and the worst thing that ever happened to her, but… I don’t even jerk off to her, that’s how much I like her. I still just jerk off to that wedding album I found in the garbage.” (via)

Safe to say that Louis wishes he spent more time hanging around strange vans.

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(Via Imgur)