Legendary Comics Is Sure Bringing The Talent

I admit I’m a bit skeptical about Legendary Comics. It’s a comic label founded and run by a film production house, obviously deliberately designed to create a farm team of superheroes for Legendary to turn into movies. Not only that, their debut publication was Holy Terror, AKA Frank Miller Has Gone Even More Bonkers Than He Already Was.

On the other hand, they’ve also got deep pockets and apparently pretty good taste if their two new publications are anything to go by.

First up is Shadow Walk by Mark Waid and Shane Davis. The basic plot is stock parts: mysterious valley, possibly unstable expedition leader, things going bad. But it’s Mark Waid, so at the very least it’ll be fun to read. Also, Waid seems to have full creative control on this one, and that usually works out for the best.

Secondly, Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley are working on The Tower Chronicles, about a supernatural bounty hunter. Again, the story seems a bit stock but the creative team is singularly trustworthy. Especially since Bisley got the job because he drew one promo image that Wagner loved so much he got Legendary to sign him for the whole thing.

Oddly missing is any information about the two books Paul Pope is working on for them, PulpHope and The One Trick Rip-off, or anything about J. Michael Straczynski’s Majestic Files. But, hey, as long as they keep delivering original graphic novels and keeping talent like Mark Waid in paychecks, we’re not complaining.

image courtesy Legendary