Meet The Legless Model Who Earns $1,000 Per Day For Lingerie Shoots

Kanya Sesser isn’t your typical 23-year-old lingerie model. Born in Thailand, Sesser’s mother abandoned her on the steps of a Buddhist temple when she was a baby. Her adoptive parents brought to her America at age five, and there’s been no stopping her indomitable spirit. One glance at Sesser’s Instagram page reveals how she highlights her disability by posing in swimsuits and lingerie. Her favorite hashtags — #nolegsnolimits #different #beauty — indicate how she wants to change the beauty standards of the modelling industry.

Sesser, who reportedly pulls down $1,000 per day on shoots, spoke to the Daily Mail about her chosen profession:

“It’s something fun and it shows my story – I’m different and that is sexy. I don’t need legs to feel sexy. I enjoy making money from it and I love showing people what beauty can look like. These images show my strength. I like expressing myself in a different way than people usually see. This is just who I am.”

Sesser highlights her tattoos on Instagram along with her preference to go natural and beachy with loose waves and little makeup. On the job, she goes glamorous, but in everyday life, she digs the no frills, athletic look. You’ll often find her at the pool or on a surfboard at the beach. Sesser has overcome so much in life that it’s impossible not to feel inspired by her story.

Not only does Sesser model swimsuits, she’s also an avid skateboarder. She uses her hands to build momentum and do crazy tricks with the rest of the skaters. Sesser spends a great deal of time at the skate park, and she hopes to compete at the 2018 Paralympics in South Korea. You can see more of her portfolio right here.

(Via Daily Mail & BroBible)