This LEGO Version Of The BFG 9000 From ‘Doom’ Is A Thing Of Beauty And An Act Of Madness

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To the likely chagrin of Ted Nugent, the legendary BFG 9000 from Doom is not an actual firearm. Luckily for gamers that drool over such massive weaponry, an amazing replica now exists. It doesn’t shoot plasma balls (BOOOOOO!), but it is a triumph in the world of LEGO design (YAAAAY!).

YouTuber/LEGO sorcerer ZaziNombies has added to his arsenal of brick-based re-creations with the glorious monstrosity featured in the video above. Sure, it doesn’t fire demon obliterating ammo, but considering the thing weighs 20 pounds you could probably pummel any evil you like with it into a gnarly pulp. It took roughly 5000 bricks to create and that’s a smidge more than the LEGO stockpile you have stored in your family’s garage.

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