Lego Hogwarts Is So Amazing It Has To Be Witchcraft

Sooo, how long did this take? Like, an afternoon? No more than a weekend, right?

So, around a week ago we showed you a very complex Lego recreation of the Ghostbusters’ famous abandoned fire station headquarters. It was pretty rad, but it was small potatoes compared to what you’re about to see.

Someone went and painstakingly recreated Hogwarts using over 400-thousand Lego bricks. Built by Alice Finch, Lego Hogwarts won “best in show” at last year’s BrickCon, and for good reason — this is both the most detailed vision of Harry Potter’s famous wizarding school to date, and the perhaps the most impressive Lego sculpture ever created, all rolled into one.

Hit the jump for lots of pictures of Lego Hogwarts of Lego Hogwarts…

via The Brothers Brick

Lego Hogwarts pics via Alice Finch’s Flickr

Well, of course it also lights up.

The students of Hogwarts, obviously not saying “no” to potions.


Oh my Dumbledores!

Phew! Need ever more pictures of Lego Hogwarts? There are many, many more to be had right here.