Morgan Freeman And Elizabeth Banks Lending Their Dulcet Voices To The LEGO Movie

When we last checked in on Warner’s 3D animated LEGO movie (Lego: The Piece of Resistance), Will Arnett and Channing Tatum were being pursued to voice LEGO Batman and LEGO Superman, respectively. Before we move on, let’s just take a moment to say thank you to whichever casting agent offered a Batman voice role to Will Arnett. Yes, please.

Now Deadline reports Morgan Freeman and Elizabeth Banks have signed on to voice characters in the film. Banks’ character is unknown, while Freeman is voicing the Vitruvius. Chris Pratt (AKA Andy Dwyer) will play the lead, an ordary LEGO figure who is mistaken for a MasterBuilder and is sent on a quest to stop a villain who’s gluing the universe together. The movie is set for February 24th, 2014 from the 21 Jump Street writer/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Normally, I’d be saying screw all these toy and board game tie-in movies, but then they went and cast Will Arnett as Batman. Damn you for making me love you, LEGO movie. Now just tell me Franklin is going to voice the glue-happy villain, and he’ll be singing a medley of R&B jams with Batman. The world needs this to happen.