Lego Technics + Xbox 360 Controller = Gears of War 3 Achievement

Does anyone else remember playing that track and field game, on the original Nintendo, called Stadium Events? You know, the one where you’d lay out the Power Pad and stomp around with a friend, furiously trying to defeat that fast bastard named Cheetah? Eventually you’d have to convince each other that the only way to win the event would be if you worked together and you smashed on the left running pad, while your buddy would double-time it on the right pad? No? Okay cool.

Anyway, this story is kinda like that, only it involves Gears of War 3 and their achievement for unlocking…wait for it…playing an organ over 2,000 times in the game. Much like you, Lego enthusiast Guy Himber thought, “Eff that!” and decided to break out his old Lego Technics kit and build a blocky friend to help him gain the achievement. Voila! There you have it, a Lego minion who will bash the buttons for you and you don’t even have to keep yelling at it to move faster. Guy figures that the entire achievement took about an hour, with the device mashing the X button 67 times per minute (with only about half of those actually triggering the onscreen organ playing).

Never mind the creepy Eyes Wide Shut feel you get from the video -or the fact that dude has a bare mattress in the middle of the room. Check the entire clip after the jump:

[via MAKE]