Check Out The Uncanny LEGO X-Men X-Mansion That’s Up For A Vote

After the glorious news of the fan-designed Ghostbusters LEGO set becoming an official product — and just a day before The LEGO Movie opens — we bring another excellent LEGO update. DarthKy and Glenbricker have proposed an amazing version of X-Men‘s X-Mansion on Cuusoo, LEGO’s site for fans to suggest and vote on new LEGO sets.

Their version of the X-Mansion includes the Danger Room with sliding vault doors, Cerebro, Beast’s laboratory, Storm’s attic garden, and more.

Check out these pictures if you don’t agree with me and Stephen Colbert.

As Comics Alliance spotted, Professor X’s office includes an angry Kitty Pryde “storming out in her classic ski jacket from Uncanny X-Men #168.”

That is some impeccable attention to detail. And it’s true. He is a jerk.

Check out the rest of the project and vote it up at Cuusoo.