Let The Iron Sheik Share His Thoughts On Amanda Bynes, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber

You don’t need me to tell you to follow the Iron Sheik on Twitter. I’ll let him do it. YOU NO FOLLOW IRON SHEIK YOU NO REAL MAN. F*CK YOURSELF, JABRONI DOG SH*T. (I’m 99% sure I like him because he uses the word “jabroni” in every day conversation. It’s Always Sunny‘s Mac is so proud.) Recently, the Sheik sat down with MachinimaETC’s Ricky Hayberg for a rare interview, in which he yelled his feelings on Amanda Bynes, Chris Brown, and other celebrity train wrecks. He does have nice things to say about Daft Punk, though, so it’s only a matter before he releases his own version of “Get Lucky.” Everyone else has.