Let This Fluffy Bunny and Cute Cat Show You What Real Friendship Looks Like

As we walk through this maddening thing called life, sometimes we need to lean on our best friends. Said pal is usually a good listener, known for his/her top-notch advice and even brutal honesty. Said pal is down to grab a cup of coffee on a random weeknight or maybe indulge in an impromptu Game of Thrones marathon. Said pal will stroll with you on a random Saturday afternoon because you just had to vent about that piece of crap boss that makes you work overtime all the dang time. Said pal will bravely point out when you’re trying too hard to flirt with bunny/cat who’s obviously not into you. Said pal will dutifully care for you after you’ve just thrown up all over his/her new wool coat.

Based on the intimate walk this bunny and cat share together, I imagine they are the bestest of pals.

For kicks, I had Google translate the video’s accompanying description, which was in Japanese:

In good friend very, figure to walk together every evening is in the reputation in the neighborhood male rabbits of 3-year-old female cat of 8-year-old agriculture Ikegami Kumiko Kumamoto Prefecture hydration town keep a “peach” and “moko”.