Why Not Let This Video — ‘Everything Wrong With The Goonies’ — Ruin ‘The Goonies’ For You

Hey, you know what’s a really fun movie from our childhoods? The Goonies! But you know what would really be a party pooper, if someone went through the entire movie and picked through every single thing wrong with it. Well if you like having fun things ruined for you, here is Everything Wrong With Goonies In 8 Minutes Or Less.

OK though: I laughed out loud at 2:08, “leave it to a bunch of pre-teen boys to always think the penis is supposed to point up” and at the 7:31 mark when Chunk invites Sloth to live with him. Seriously, how did we never get a Harry and the Hendersons-type sequel to this — a kid just invites some rando mentally-ill and potentially dangerous man to come live with his family? OK Everything Wrong With video, I guess I can give you that one.