Let’s Celebrate All The Times Olivia Munn Has Won The Internet

Hey everybody, it’s Olivia Munn’s birthday! Yes, the original queen of the internet — or at least reigning internet queen of 2009 — is celebrating 34 years on this planet. These days Olivia Munn seems to be far less about wearing Princess Leia bikinis (*sad face*) and more about doing respectable projects like narrating documentaries and running around in creepy horror movies — Deliver Us From Evil came out yesterday in case you were wondering.

There was once a time not that long ago, where Ms. Munn’s primary objective was using her assets to heal the adolescent wounds of nerds everywhere with GIFs and copious amounts of cosplay. It was truly a glorious era and exactly what we’re celebrating today: Olivia Munn’s greatest internet moments. Prepare your eyeballs, lots of Munn is on the way.

1. Her many, many contributions to GIF culture.

There’s a number of female celebrities that have done great work in the field of GIFs over the years. You’ve got your Emma Stones, your Alison Bries, your Olivia Wildes, but it all goes back to Olivia Munn. The producers on Attack of the Show were GIF visionaries, they knew that Olivia trying to catch a hot dog on a string wouldn’t just make for a fun 20 seconds of TV, but would be cherished by an entire generation in an endless loop. And oh has she made some wonderful GIFs. You’ve got your sexy…

Your goofy…

And then there’s this…

2. Olivia Munn does Princess Leia better than anybody.

And yes, I mean better than anybody — including Carrie Fisher. (Yeah, I said it. What?!) Lots of celebs have thrown on the gold bikini and cinnabon hairstyle — Jennifer Aniston briefly brought it back in the 90s — but they’re all second to Olivia Munn. Between 2005 and 2013, Olivia was a staple at San Diego Comic Con, often wearing some sort of cosplay that would bring on a nerd-boner from anyone within 25 yards of her. The girl knows her way around a lightsaber.

3. Sacrificing her body for the sake of a viral video.

The internet loves itself a good fail video. So naturally, a fail video featuring a female celebrity and a swing is bound to be piece of media just as popular as any silly acting project that person might have done. (It’s a universal law that if there’s a swing and a video camera recording, pain is right around the corner.) For some added charm and humor, here is Olivia explaining on The Late Show how it all happened. Letterman requesting to examine the video with a second viewing in slow motion is particularly enjoyable.

4. Taking sexting to a new level.

There are celebrity cellphone leaks and then there is the cellphone picture wizardy of Olivia Munn’s leaked photos. By no means was she the first celeb to have their phone hacked, numerous celebs before her had gone through the same infuriating experience. What was new, was that Oliva had Photoshopped arrows and dialogue that read like the description of a Hustler video onto her photos. It was a sexting game changer and reminder that the right font and a nice drop shadow effect can do wonders when putting together a steamy below the neck gallery for that special someone.

5. Showcasing her tiger mom to the world.

Technically, this accolade should go to Amy Chua for putting out a book about her tiger mom and sending the cable news show talking heads into a frenzy. Amy Chua has done zilch for GIFs though, and as far as I know never dressed as Chun-Li, so it’s Olivia Munn who will reap our praises. She first brought attention to her mom’s strict upbringing which “kept her off the pole” on The Daily Show, and has since told more hilarious/terrifying stories about her on Conan. Child abuse, yay??
[protected-iframe id=”f756ac4f66de38bb56d1302237525cae-60970621-60078829″ info=”http://media.mtvnservices.com/embed/mgid:arc:video:comedycentral.com:3d1d27a8-ed01-11e0-aca6-0026b9414f30″ width=”650″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″]

May your birthday be one filled with many GIFable moments, Ms. Munn.