Let’s Overanalyze Batman’s New ‘Batsgiving’ Teaser, Shall We?

DC loves to make gigantic splash panels full of clues for upcoming events, and the most recent one is Batsgiving. It’s apparently chock-full of clues about the upcoming Batman Eternal… so what’s in store?

Lots Of Dead Characters Are Coming Back

Causing a lot of hubbub is what appears to be a young woman sitting with the Bat-sidekicks in a purple hoodie with her face obscured. That indicates fan favorite Stephanie Brown, aka the Spoiler, might be finally making an appearance in the New 52, but it’s reasonable to be skeptical of that one.

The image is full of hints about Damien Wayne, as well; Titus is his dog, his cat is behind Catwoman, and the Robin perched on Titus’ rump… well, that’s a pretty big hint in of itself. Whether that means Damien’s death is being reversed, or just that the story will deal with his passing, remains to be seen.

Similarly, it might just be the character design, but that woman in the green jacket at the table sure looks a lot like Rene Montoya to me.

Two Characters Are Notably Missing

Notice that with the sidekicks sitting behind Batman are Harper, Stephanie, Tim Drake and what appears to be Talon, wearing Nightwing’s mask. Jason Todd is presumably there behind his motorcycle helmet in the back. Dick Grayson, however, does not seem to be in evidence. Considering some hints dropped about Dick’s fate in Forever Evil, that does not lead one to optimism for his surviving said event.

Also not seen anywhere is the Joker himself. That’s… interesting, certainly.

Villains, Villains And More Villains

Among the villains seen or hinted at are Joker’s Daughter, Penguin (with the Iceberg Lounge, natch), Professor Pyg, Catwoman, the Court of Owls, Poison Ivy and the Riddler (look at the stones on the upper right for an intriguing hint they’re involved), and Carmine Falcone in the back with a group that includes Red Hood Prime and what looks like his son, Alberto, also known as the Holiday Killer. And if you really want to reach, they’re in front of a rosebush, which seems a bit out of place, and that could be either Ivy or Rose and Thorn. Or Swamp Thing, one supposes, as he’s not unknown to Gotham lately.

Gordon and Alfred Are Getting The Shaft

Gordon is in handcuffs. Alfred is in a straightjacket. Neither of these things can be qualified as good news.

Batwoman Is Wearing A Ring

It’s on her right hand, but it’s actually a CGI sparkle that we’re supposed to notice, and she’s with Maggie Sawyer. Maybe Maggie is making as much of a commitment as DC will actually allow? Similarly, Batwoman isn’t technically in a Batbook, but that might be changing from the looks of things.

Anything we missed? Weigh in and let us know.