A Male Version Of Hooters Might Be Coming To A Strip Mall Near You

It only took years of fighting for equality, but an all-male version of Hooters, the Florida-based institution of wings and breasts, is finally upon us. A restaurant called Tallywackers is opening on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas, in what’s popularly known as the gayborhood. Not much is known about the establishment yet, other than a bare bones website and Craigslist posting seeking bartenders, servers, and busboys, but it’s already the talk of the internet.

To my knowledge, there are no immediate plans of expansion beyond Dallas, but come on. If this idea was on Shark Tank, investors would be throwing fistfuls of money at it. Mark my words: By 2020, there will be a Tallywackers in every continental state. Hotdogs and booze and dongs, just like our forefathers would have wanted.

(Via Daily Dot)