Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Geeky Television: ‘Gotham’ Gets Bullock’s Goat

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10.27.14 51 Comments

Some of you have asked for a place to chat about tonight’s nerdy TV, so far be it from us not to provide. Consider this your clearinghouse for what’s nerdy on TV tonight. Let’s start with Gotham, and that police procedural standard, a creepy serial killer. All times are EST, so plan accordingly.

Also, just a note, I’ll be popping in off and on to say hi, and commenting on Gotham. So jump in and let me know what you think!


Gotham, FOX: It’s Creepy Serial Killer Time! Awww, it’s like a Halloween tradition! Maybe he can kill Barbara, who is apparently back to being confined in her apartment this episode if the promo stills are any indication.

The Originals, CW: I’ve been seeing promos of this show for two years, during Arrow, and I had to look it up on Wikipedia to figure out what the hell it was all about. Vampires from Louisiana, it turns out! It’s also one of those shows where you will have no idea what the hell is going on unless you’ve seen every episode, so, yeah.

It, Spike: Yes, the miniseries that drove the final nail in the coffin of clowns as entertainment is getting rerun on Spike. Note that this is the whole thing, running from 8:05 to 12:13, so plan accordingly.


Sleepy Hollow, Fox: Sheriff Corbin, who you might remember lost his noggin during last season’s pilot, has a son. He’s back from his tour of duty and, uh, appears to be a werewolf. Well, that’s no good.

Star Wars Rebels, Disney XD: This show has been shockingly good, even by the high standards we hold it to, and while tonight’s episode appears to be continuing the trend, the title “Rise of the Old Masters” makes us wish there were an episode with the Rebels and the Inquisitors just arguing over art history for half an hour.

Let us know how tonight’s TV went in the comments. And we’ll be back tomorrow, when we’ll host the Flash liveblog as well as what you’ll be ignoring to watch Barry Allen run fast.

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