Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Geeky TV: Charlie Brown And Vincent Price

This is literally the one weekday where there isn’t a comic-book related TV show of some sort on the air, but there’s still plenty of geeky TV to watch, and it’s Halloween week, so there are some good movies on. Let’s take a look!


It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!, ABC: C’mon, you know you’re watching this.

The Vampire Diaries, The CW: I had no idea this show is on its sixth season. Although this is the CW, once you get past season three you’re good for a decade, easy. Tonight appears to involve torches, clockwork stabbing objects, and corn.

Surviving Zombies, Science: Part of a two-episode block, about, well, surviving zombies. I’m assuming it starts with “Stay near the guy with the crossbow.”

Elysium, Encore: Matt Damon in power armor is always a good time.

Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, HBO2: Remember when movie studios thought they could knock off Harry Potter?

The House On Haunted Hill, TCM: The remake is a better, creepier movie, but the cheap original has its charms, largely thanks to Vincent Price.


Halloween, AMC: Part of their marathon of all the Halloween movies, which has been running all week.

Saw IV, IFC: These movies are almost absurdly passive-aggressive, have you ever noticed that? Jigsaw builds these really elaborate, expensive and painful traps, carefully targets his victims, and then spends the entire movie telling them it’s their fault he put them there. Seriously, dude? Own your actions.

The Lost Boys, VH1: Hey, look, it’s a good Joel Schumacher movie. Nice to talk about those occasionally.


Blood Lake: The Lost Footage, Animal Planet: Animal Planet makes b-movies now. This is actually a recut of their original killer lamprey movie. Really they’re missing out, they could have shown Night of the Lepus.