Here’s Weird Al Yankovic, James Brown, And Little Richard In A Vintage ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Episode

08.01.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

God bless the Internet. Some enterprising YouTube sleuths out there have discovered a gem of an episode of Wheel Of Fortune from 1994 featuring James Brown, Little Richard, Weird Al and…Lee Greenwood. This episode has to be from 1987, right? Nope. It’s from 1994, which is the best part because James Brown is old enough to not give a damn about anything and it’s great. For some reason, though, Little Richard and James Brown had to team up and it’s the blind leading the blind because drugs. Little Richard literally has zero clues as to what’s going on. When he messes up, he’s all “awwww mannnn I didn’t mean that” and James Brown is dismissively shrugging along.

I can’t imagine either Richard or Brown remembered ever being on this show even a week later. It says something that both of these guys made Weird Al an afterthought. Meanwhile Lee Greenwood is just playing along and earning a ton of money for his charity.

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