Letterman Grills Emma Watson On Her Booze Intake

Letterman’s lead guest on The Late Show last night was the always lovely Emma Watson (in case you haven’t noticed it’s Harry Potter week, suck it All-Star Game). Like most interviews where Letterman is genuinely interested in the guest, and the guest is likewise genuinely interesting, it’s quite entertaining, but the following clip where Dave uses the recent “Harry Potter likes to get his drink on” news as a jumping off point to playfully quiz Hermione on her own personal alcohol intake (to the delight of pervy creepers and geeky basement dwellers everywhere) was definitely the highlight.

Awwww, she’s even cuter when she’s rattled and stammering and explaining away that time she got sh*t-faced. I could just sit outside her bedroom window for days without sustenance stomach a rom-com if she was in it. Hopefully she’ll start stealing work from Kate Hudson.

Bonus “Emma on Letterman” compilation GIF via Tumblr along with two more clips after the jump, one about being the “Harry Potter Girl” and one comparing UK vs. US fans. “Americans are dumb, right?”

“Harry Potter Girl”

UK Harry Potter Fans Vs. US Harry Potter Fans

Via: Gawker
Source: CBS
GIF Via: Winterspells.Tumblr
Harry Potter Loves Beer Photo Via: College Candy

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